Bukhara (bukhara)

Bukhara, is the capital of the Bukhara Province (viloyat) of Uzbekistan. Bukhara is a city-museum, with about 140 architectural monuments. The nation's fifth-largest city, the population on April 24, 2014 was approximately 272,710. The region around Bukhara has been inhabited for at least five millennia, and the city has existed for half that time. Located on the Silk Road, the city has long been a center of trade, scholarship, culture, and religion. The historic center of Bukhara, which contains numerous mosques and madrassas, has been listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

Formation Date 1600
Conflict Name Initiation Year Termination Year Total Killed Total Casuality
Bukharan Provincial Rebellion 1870 1870 1870 unknown unknown
Bukharan Rebellion 1868 1868 1868 unknown unknown
Russo-Bukharan War 1868 1868 1868 unknown unknown
Russo-Bukharan War 1867 1867 1867 unknown unknown
Russo-Bukharan War 1866 1866 1866 unknown unknown
Bukharan Invasion of Kokand 1865 1865 1865 unknown unknown
Russo-Bukharan War 1865-1866 1865 1865 unknown unknown