Chief Rus Council

Chief Rus Council (original spelling - Home Rusca Council) - the first Ukrainian political organization in Galicia . Created 2 May 1848 in Lvov during the revolution in the Austrian Empire to defend the rights of the Ukrainian people.

The manifesto of 10 May 1848 Main Rus Council declared the unity of all the 15 millionth Ukrainian people and supported the national rights of all the oppressed peoples of the Austrian Empire . Home Ruthenian Council demanded divide Galicia into two separate administrative units: Eastern  - Ukrainian and western  - Polish; combined into one province Ukrainian land - Galicia , Bukovina and Transcarpathia ; teaching in schools and government orders to keep the publication in Ukrainian .

Home Ruthenian Council consisted of 30 members - representatives of the Greek Catholic clergy and intellectuals. Head of PGR was elected bishop Gregory Jahhimovitš later - kryloshanyn Michael Kuzemskyy . Deputy G. M. Kuzemskoho Jahhimovitš elected, John Borysykevycha, secretaries - Fr. Michael Malinowski, Theodore Leontovych. The Council was divided into sections of political rights, schooling , rural affairs, finance and others. PGR subordinate "lower" council. The local councils (c. 50) consisted of three representatives of farmers, townspeople, noblemen , clerks and 18 representatives of the intelligentsia (including 10 priests). PGR created the National Guard, and the Podkarpacie to deal with Hungarian troops - PSD and a battalion of mountain shooters .

Chief Rus Council organized a cultural and educational society "Galician-n like a vagina" ( 1850), opened the People's House in Lviv ( 1850). 19 October 1848 convened the Council of Russian scientists , published first in Galicia Ukrainian newspaper "Dawn Galicia " .

In June 1851 , the activities of exploration was discontinued.

Formation Date 1848
Conflict Name Initiation Year Termination Year Total Killed Total Casuality
Hungarian Revolution of 1848 1848 1849 unknown unknown