Government Junta of Chile (1891)

Revolutionary Junta of Iquique (Spanish: Junta Revolucionaria de Iquique) (April 13, 1891 - December 26, 1891), was the political structure established to challenge the power of Chilean President José Manuel Balmaceda following the insurrection of the navy that started the 1891 Chilean Civil War. It ruled the country until Admiral Jorge Montt assumed power as the new President after the defeat of President Balmaceda.

A conflict had been simmering for a long time between the National Congress and the President over the extent of the constitutional powers of each. In January 1891, the conflict led to the 1891 Chilean Civil War, that broke out between the presidential and the congressional forces. President José Manuel Balmaceda was supported by the regular army and a small part of the navy. Most of the navy, under the command of captain Jorge Montt, supported Congress. Captain Montt, who also led the congressional forces together with General Emil Korner, captured the northern provinces and organized a parallel government in the city of Iquique. Once there they proceeded to raise and organize an army, which eventually they transported south to fight against the presidential forces.

Formation Date 1891
Conflict Name Initiation Year Termination Year Total Killed Total Casuality
Chilean Civil War 1891 1891 1891 5000 unknown