Ahlu Sunna Waljama'a (ASWJ)

Ahlu Sunna Waljama'a (Somali: Ahlu Suna Waljamaaca) (ASWJ) is a Somali paramilitary group consisting of moderate Sufis opposed to the radical Islamist groups such as Al-Shabaab in Somalia. They are fighting to prevent strict Sharia and Wahhabism from being imposed on the country and protecting its Sunni-Sufi traditions and generally moderate religious views. During the civil war, the organization worked in cooperation with faction leader Mohamed Farrah Aidid.

Formation Date 1991
Conflict Name Initiation Year Termination Year Total Killed Total Casuality
Operation Linda Nchi 2011-2012 2011 2012 unknown unknown
War in Somalia 2009–Present 2009 ongoing unknown unknown
Somalian Civil War 1991-1993 1991 1993 unknown unknown