Council of Deputies (Parliament of Libya)

The Council of Deputies is the parliament of Libya. It was dissolved by the Libyan Supreme Court in November 2014. Although Majlis al-Nuwaab translates into English as "Council of Deputies", it is referred to as the "House of Representatives" in the English-speaking media. The Council has also used this translation itself. "Council of Representatives" has also been used to refer to this body.

It took power on 4 August 2014, following an election on 25 June 2014, replacing the General National Congress. Turnout at the election was 18%, down from 60% in the first post-Gaddafi election of July 2012. Because of security concerns no voting took place in some locations.

The current chairman of the Council of Deputies is Aguila Saleh Issa, who doubles as both the head of state for Libya and the presiding officer of the unicameral Council. The current deputy presidents of the Council of Deputies are Imhemed Shaib and Ahmed Huma.

Due to the occupation of Tripoli by Islamist armed groups during the 2014 Libyan Civil War, the Council of Deputies had to flee to Tobruk in the far east of the country. Since there was not enough housing for them, they have hired a car ferry from a Greek shipping company, the Elyra of ANEK Lines, for them to live and meet in. Attendance of MPs fell to 115, sapping some credibility of the Council of Deputies.

The Tripoli based Libyan Supreme Constitutional Court ruled on 6 November 2014 that the June elections were unconstitutional and that the Council of Deputies should be dissolved while it was surrounded by armed militias. The Council of Deputies rejected the ruling, saying it was made "at gunpoint".

Formation Date 2014
Conflict Name Initiation Year Termination Year Total Killed Total Casuality
Libyan Civil War 2014 – Present 2014 ongoing unknown unknown