Iraqi Turkmen Front

The Iraqi Turkmen Front (Turkish: Irak Türkmen Cephesi) is a political movement founded in 1995 which seeks to represent the Turkmen people of Iraq. Since the fall of Saddam Hussein in 2003, the ITF has contested control of Kirkuk and other areas of northern Iraq (However controlled by Kurdish Regional Government since 2014).

The ITF claims a region named Turkmeneli (literally meaning the "land of the Turkmens") as the homeland by the Iraqi Turkmens. Turkmeneli includes within its boundaries Kirkuk, Tel Afar, Erbil, Mandali, Mosul, and Tuz Khormato.

Formation Date 1995
Conflict Name Initiation Year Termination Year Total Killed Total Casuality
Northern Iraq Offensive 2014 2014 2014 unknown unknown
Iraqi Insurgency 2011 – Present 2011 ongoing 75957 unknown