15 cm Kanone 16

The 15 cm Kanone 16 (15 cm K 16) was a heavy field gun used by Germany in World War I and World War II. Guns turned over to Belgium as reparations after World War I were taken into Wehrmacht service after the conquest of the Belgium as the 15 cm K 429(b). It generally served on coast-defense duties during World War II.

15 cm Kanone 16
Class Vehicle
Type Towed Artillery
Manufacturer Krupp
Production Period 1917 - 1918
Origin Germany
Country Name Origin Year
Germany 1917
Country Name Operational Year Retirement Year
Germany 1917 1945 View
ManufacturerName Production From Production To Quantity
Krupp 1917 1918 View

Type Heavy field gun
Place of origin German Empire
Service history
In service 1917–45
Used by German Empire
Nazi Germany
Wars World War I
World War II
Production history
Designer Krupp
Designed 1917
Manufacturer Krupp
Produced 1917–18
Variants 15 cm K 16 im Mrs. Laf.
Weight 10,870 kilograms (23,960 lb)
Length 6.81 metres (20 ft)
Barrel length 6.41 metres (21 ft 0 in) L/43
Shell separate-loading, cased charge
Shell weight 51.4 kilograms (113 lb) (HE)
Caliber 149.3 mm (5.88 in)
Breech horizontal sliding block
Carriage box trail
Elevation -3° to +43°
Rate of fire 3 rpm
Muzzle velocity 757 metres per second (2,480 ft/s)
Maximum firing range 22,000 metres (24,000 yd)

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