ZUZANA - 155 mm Self-propelled Gun Howitzer is a modern Slovak artillery system with a 45-caliber gun and automatic loader for loading of both, a projectile and charge. It is an evolution of the 152mm SpGH DANA self-propelled howitzer.

The system features long range, high accuracy and rate of fire, prompt preparation for firing and high level of mobility ensured by a modified TATRA 8x8 chassis. Design of the gun enables to use any NATO standard 155mm ammunition available on the market. The Fire Control System enables for a Multiple Round Simultaneous Impact (MRSI) mode. One of the unique features of ZUZANA is that the gun is mounted externally in between two totally separated compartments of the turret. This makes the crew inherently safe from any potentially dangerous mechanics of the gun and autoloader plus the crew is protected from the gases generated during firing.

Country Name Origin Year
Slovakia 1998
Country Name Operational Year Retirement Year
Slovakia View
Gun characteristic:
Caliber: 155 mm (6.10 in)
Barrel length: 45 cal (52 in Zuzana 2)
Number of ammunition carried: 40 projectiles/40 charges
Maximum range: 39.6 km (25 mi)
Minimum range: 5.6 km (3.47 mi)
Rate of fire: 6 rounds per min.
Sustained rate of fire: 5 rounds per min.
Loading of projectiles and charges: fully automatic
Turret traverse: ±60°(360° for Zuzana 2)
Elevation/Depression: +70°/-3,5°
General parameters:
Crew: 4 (3 in Zuzana 2)
Chassis: modified TATRA 8x8
Vehicle length: 12.97 meters (42.5 ft)
Vehicle width: 3,015 mm (9.89 ft)
Total height: 3,300 mm (10.82 ft)
Total weight of the system: 28,450 kg (62,721 lbs)
Maximum speed: 80+ km/h (50+ mph)
Maximum road range: 750 km (466 mi)
Overcoming of obstacles:
Trench: 2000 mm (6.56 ft)
Vertical step: 600 mm (1.96 ft)
Fording: 1400 mm (4.59 ft)

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