203 mm /53 Italian naval gun

The 203 mm/53 Ansaldo was the main battery gun of Italy's most modern Washington Naval Treaty heavy cruisers. This treaty allowed ships of not more than 10,000 tons standard displacement, and with guns no larger than 8 inches (203 mm), to be excluded from total tonnage limitations on a nation's capital ships.

Country Name Origin Year
Italy 1931
Country Name Operational Year Retirement Year
Italy 1931 1943 View

The four Zara-class cruisers mounted eight M1927 guns each.

The Bolzano mounted M1929 guns.

The two earlier Trento-class cruisers mounted in the same configuration the earlier 203 mm/50 Ansaldo M1924 gun. It differed from the later guns by having a fixed liner, a fixed loading angle of 15° and a single ammunition elevator, which reduced the rate of fire; dispersions were even more prominent than in the later guns.

Type Naval gun
Place of origin Italy
Service history
In service 1931 - 1943
Used by  Regia Marina
Wars Second World War
Production history
Manufacturer Gio. Ansaldo & C.
Weight 19.5 tonnes
Barrel length 424 inches (10.8 meters)
Shell 125 kilograms (276 lb)
Caliber 8-inch (203 mm)
Muzzle velocity 900 meters per second (2953 ft/sec)
Maximum firing range 31,324 metres (34,256 yd)

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