340mm/45 Modèle 1912 gun

The 340mm/45 Modèle 1912 gun (13.4") was a heavy naval gun of the French Navy. While the calibres of the naval guns of the French Navy were usually very close to those of their British counterparts, the calibre of 340 mm is specific to the French Navy.

The built-up gun was designed to be carried by the Normandie and Lyon classes in quadruple gun turrets, but no ship of these types was completed as a battleship. They were carried by the Bretagne-class battleships in twin turrets.

Country Name Origin Year
France 1912
Country Name Operational Year Retirement Year
France View

Type naval gun
Place of origin France
Service history
Used by France
Wars First World War, Second World War
Shell separate charges and shell
Calibre 340 mm

End notes