AC 47 anti-tank gun

The AC 47 was a French anti-tank gun of 47mm caliber. It was principally used in the ouvrages and casemates of the Maginot Line in the late 1930s; another version was created for naval use.

The AC 47 was principally used as a defensive weapon, since its portability was intentionally limited to prevent the weapon from being turned on defending troops if a fortification was captured.

Country Name Origin Year
France 1930
Country Name Operational Year Retirement Year
France View

Type Anti-tank
Place of origin France
Service history
In service 1930s - 40s
Used by France
Wars World War II
Production history
Variants Naval
Caliber 47 mm (1.85 in)
Rate of fire 20 rounds per minute
Muzzle velocity 900 metres per second (3,000 ft/s)

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