Tur (Tur 1) (Polish: Aurochs) is a light armoured patrol car (light infantry mobility vehicle), designed by the Polish factory AMZ-Kutno in 2007. The Tur was designed for intervention and patrol tasks behind front lines, especially equipped for operations in danger areas and has 5 person transport capacity.

The vehicle was developed especially for the Polish military contingents in Iraq and Afghanistan in response to requests of the soldiers stationed there. Its design and armour allows it to withstand an explosion equal to 6 kg (13 lb) of TNT. It may be fitted with a remote turret. Mechanical part comes mostly from IVECO (engine, transmission, suspension).

It is designed as a safer and more modern alternative to the Humvee operated by the Polish Army. Despite needs of military contingents, as for 2009 no orders were made, and a contest for a light armoured patrol car (LOSP in Polish) was not settled (its main counterpart is Iveco LMV). As of 2008, five prototypes were made, two of them were destroyed in tests. The last, fifth one has modified look of a forward part, and minor improvements. In 2008 AMZ-Kutno developed new, bigger variant Tur 2, being a different car in fact.

Class Vehicle
Type Armoured Fighting Vehicle
Manufacturer AMZ-Kutno
Origin Poland
Country Name Origin Year
Poland 2008
ManufacturerName Production From Production To Quantity
AMZ-Kutno View

Type Infantry mobility vehicle
Place of origin  Poland
Weight 4.8 tonnes
Length 4.87 metres (191.7 in)
Width 2.23 metres (87.8 in)
Height 2.35 metres (92.5 in)
Crew 1+4
Armor level 2,2a,3 STANAG 4569
Engine Iveco Aifo
122 kW (166 PS)
Suspension 4x4 wheel
600 km

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