Altay (tank)

The Altay is an advanced main battle tank, designed and developed by Otokar of Turkey for the Turkish Army and export markets. It is named in honor of Army General Fahrettin Altay (1880–1974) who commanded the 5th Cavalry Corps in the final stage of the Turkish War of Independence.

Altay (tank)
Class Vehicle
Type Armoured Fighting Vehicle
Manufacturer 1st Army Maintenance Center Command
Origin Turkey (Ottoman Empire)
Country Name Origin Year
Turkey (Ottoman Empire) 2015
Country Name Operational Year Retirement Year
Turkey (Ottoman Empire) 2015 View
ManufacturerName Production From Production To Quantity
1st Army Maintenance Center Command View

National Tank Production Project (Turkish: MITÜP – Milli Tank Üretimi Projesi), an initiative developed in mid-1990s to establish independent and robust infrastructure for the production, development and maintenance of main battle tanks used by Turkish Armed Forces. The project was initiated with an agreement signed between Otokar and Undersecretariat for Defense Industries of the Republic of Turkey on 30 March 2007, when the Defense Industries Executive Committee awarded a contract worth approximately $500 million to Otokar for the design, development and production of four prototypes of a national main battle tank. This is Turkey's first MBT development program since 1943, when prototypes of a Turkish national tank were produced in Kirikkale, but never reached full-scale mass production.

Otokar, a company owned by Istanbul-based Koç Holding, is one of the major automotive manufacturers in Turkey. Otokar has produced more than 25,000 military vehicles as of 2008.

Subsequently, in accordance with the later Defense Industries Executive Committee ruling, subcontractors were selected as follows:

  • Technical Support Enabler, Rotem
  • Fire Control System, Command Control Communication Information System, Laser Warning System, Driver's Vision System, Navigation System, IFF system subcontractor, Aselsan
  • 120 mm 55 caliber Primary Weapon subcontractor, state owned MKEK (Mechanical and Chemical Industries Corporation),
  • Armour subcontractor, Roketsan

Type Main battle tank
Place of origin Turkey
Service history
In service 2015
Used by Turkish Army
Production history
Designer Aselsan (sub-systems and fire control system)
MKEK (main gun system)
Otokar (main contractor)
Roketsan (armour package)
Rotem (technical support and assistance)
Designed 2008–2012
Manufacturer 1st Army Maintenance Center Command
Unit cost $5.5–6 million
Number built 4 in service. A total of 1,000 MBTs are planned to be produced in four separate lots of 250 units
Weight 65 tonnes (72 short tons; 64 long tons)
Length 7.3 metres (24 ft) (hull), 10.3 metres (34 ft) (gun forward)
Width 3.9 metres (13 ft)
Height 2.6 metres (8.5 ft)
Crew 4 (commander, gunner, loader, driver)
Armor Roketsan composite armour
Aselsan/STM Volkan III assisted MKEK 120 mm 55 caliber smoothbore gun
1 × Aselsan STAMP/II stabilized remote controlled turret
1 × 12.7 mm heavy machine gun
Engine Multi-fuel
1,500 hp (MTU) or 1,800 hp (local design)
Suspension Hydropneumatic
500 kilometres (310 mi)
Speed 70 km/h (43 mph) max.

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