Cannone da 70/15

The Cannone da 70/15 was a mountain gun was used by Italy during World War I. By World War II it had been relegated to the infantry gun role in units assigned to Italian East Africa.

It lacked a modern recoil system and was virtually obsolescent upon its introduction in 1904. But it took the Italians almost a decade to field the Cannone da 65/17 modello 13 as its replacement. It was gradually phased out of the mountain role and transferred to the infantry as an infantry gun.

It was broken-down into four loads for transport.

Country Name Origin Year
Italy 1903
Country Name Operational Year Retirement Year
Italy 1903 1945 View

Type Mountain gun
Place of origin  Kingdom of Italy
Service history
In service 1903-1945
Used by  Italy
Wars World War I, World War II
Production history
Designed 1902-1904
Weight 387 kg (853 lb)
Barrel length 1.15 m (3 ft 9 in) L/16.4
Shell 4.84 kg (10 lb 11 oz)
Caliber 70 millimetres (2.8 in)
Carriage box trail
Elevation -12° to 21°
Muzzle velocity 353 m/s (1,158 ft/s)
Maximum firing range 6,630 m (7,250 yd)

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