The Didgori-II is an armored reconnaissance and special operations vehicle. It was developed in 2009 alongside the Didgori-1 using the same internal features with some additional functions. The scout vehicle is thought to provide transport, visibility and firepower support for special units during suveilance missions but can also be used as convoy protection.

Class Vehicle
Type Armoured Fighting Vehicle
Manufacturer Tbilisi Aircraft Manufacturing
Origin Georgia
Country Name Origin Year
Georgia 2011
Country Name Operational Year Retirement Year
Georgia 2011 View
ManufacturerName Production From Production To Quantity
Tbilisi Aircraft Manufacturing View

Developed by Tbilisi Aircraft Manufacturing with a Centre of the Ministry of Defence of Georgia "SIP Delta". First demonstrated at the parade in Tbilisi 26 May 2011

Technical characteristics

Equipped with thermal imaging cameras front and rear view of FLIR Systems.Information from the cameras is displayed on the three displays: one for the driver, one for the commander and one for the passengers, established with a system of night vision, also a special navigation system GPS is installed on the vehicle in order to provide additional information to the subordinated crews in the fastest way with the help of Short Message Service (SMS). The navigation system works in any meteorological conditions which makes it different from other GPS systems.


M134 Minigun, drive shafts rotate unit - external or air flow. Rate adjustable dimmer and electric ranges from 300 to 6000 rounds per minute. Unit weight - 22.7 kg without ammunition supply systems. Ordnance used - 7.62 NATO cartridge. Stock is made from the standard can loose belt or by a mechanism bezzvenevoy supply of ammunition. In the first case, the gun is put a special mechanism ┬źdelinker┬╗, performing the extraction of cartridges from the tape before it enters the gun. The tape is fed to the machine gun through a special metal flexible hose from the boxes, having a typical capacity of 1,500 (total weight 58 kg) to 4500 (total weight 134 kg) rounds.

Standart Reservation more than in accordance with the requirements of Level 2+ STANAG,Kinetic Energy. 7.62 x 51 NATO Ball (Ball M80) at 30 meters with velocity 833 m/s. Grenade and Mine Blast Hand grenades, unexploded artillery fragmenting submunitions, and other small anti personnel explosive devices detonated under the vehicle.

Type Armoured Reconnaissance and Transport
Place of origin  Georgia
Service history
In service 2011-Present
Used by Georgian Land Forces
Production history
Designer Zviad Tsikolia
Manufacturer Tbilisi Aircraft Manufacturing
Weight 7000 kg (combat weight 8000 kg)
Crew 1+6
7.62x51mm M134 Minigun or 12.7x108mm NSV machine gun
Engine Double turbo diesel engine
Suspension wheeled 4x4
500 km
Speed 120 km/h

End notes