International MaxxPro

The International MaxxPro MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) vehicle is an armored fighting vehicle designed by American company Navistar International's subsidiary Navistar Defense along with the Israeli Plasan Sasa, who designed and manufactures the vehicle's armor. The vehicle was designed to take part in the US Military's Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle program, led by the US Marine Corps, as well as a similar US Army-led Medium Mine Protected Vehicle program.

MRAPs are categorized as category 1 or category 2, depending on usage and passenger compartment space, and Navistar produces the MaxxPro in both sizes, although the vast majority of those sold have been category 1 MRAPs. The MaxxPro Plus model comes with dual rear wheels for increased load carrying capacity, such as an ambulance or EFP protected variant. The latest model produced is the MaxxPro Dash, which is a smaller and lighter category 1 model. Both the Plus and Dash models use the MaxxForce 10 engine with 375 hp, in place of the DT 530 with 330 hp, used in the original base model produced.

International MaxxPro
Class Vehicle
Type Armoured Fighting Vehicle
Manufacturer Navistar International
Origin United States of America
Country Name Origin Year
United States of America 2007
Country Name Operational Year Retirement Year
Afghanistan View
Albania View
Croatia View
Estonia View
Greece View
Hungary View
Jordan View
Lithuania View
Pakistan View
Poland View
Romania View
Singapore View
South Korea View
Turkey (Ottoman Empire) View
United Arab Emirates View
United States of America View
Slovakia View
ManufacturerName Production From Production To Quantity
Navistar International 2007 9000 View

The MaxxPro utilizes a crew capsule with a V-shaped hull, mounted on an International WorkStar 7000 chassis. The V-hull deflects the blast of a land mine or improvised explosive device (IED) away from the vehicle to protect its occupants. Because the chassis is mounted outside the armored crew capsule, there are concerns that it will likely be destroyed in the event of an ambush, leaving the soldiers inside stranded. However, according to Navistar Defense spokesperson Roy Wiley, the MaxxPro "did extremely well during the tests, and we are extremely pleased." This design may prove as effective as the Krauss-Maffei Wegmann ATF Dingo that uses a similar design, one which mounts an armored capsule to a Unimog chassis. This design has survived a 7 kg (15 lb) land mine blast with no injuries.

According to Navistar Defense, the vehicle is designed with operational readiness in mind and utilizes standardized, easily available parts, to ensure rapid repair and maintenance. The armored body is bolted together instead of welded, as in other MRAPs. This facilitates repair in the field and is a contributing factor to Navistar's greater production capacity for the MaxxPro.

In 2010, the Army initiated a development effort to add electronic stability control (ESC), a computerized technology designed to improve vehicle stability, to the MaxxPro. The MaxxPro's high ground clearance provides greater protection from underbody blasts, but also raises its center of gravity, causing rollovers in certain situations. The ESC combines road factors, vehicle data, and driver intent to automatically correct driving to ensure stability during maneuvers. Installation on MaxxPros began in late 2014 and is to be completed by late 2017, with other MRAPs planned to have ESC integrated onto them.

Type MRAP Category 1 & 2
Service history
Used by See operators
Wars Iraq war–War in Afghanistan
Production history
Designer International Truck/Plasan
Designed 2007
Manufacturer International Truck
Produced 2007-Present
Number built 9,000
Weight CAT I:
28,000-29,500 lbs (12,7 - 13,4 t)
30,000-32,000 lbs (13,6 - 14,5 t)
Length 21.17- 23.5 ft(6.5 - 7.2 m)
Width 8.25 ft(2.5 m)
Height 10 ft (3 m)
Crew 3-7
Engine 9.3L, 570 cubic inches MaxxForce D9.3I6 I6
330 hp @ 2,100 rpm; 375 hp in Plus and Dash variants
Power/weight 18.9 - 20 hp/US ton
Payload capacity 3,650-11,150 lbs (1,6 - 5 t)
Transmission Allison 3000 5-speed automatic
Suspension 4x4, wheeled Semi-elliptical leaf springs
Ground clearance 14" (0.35 m)

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