The K200 KIFV (Korea Infantry Fighting Vehicle) is a South Korean infantry fighting vehicle, originally produced by Daewoo Heavy Industries (now part of Doosan Group), intended as a domestic replacement to older armored personnel carriers such as M113 that were in main line of service with the Republic of Korea Armed Forces at the time of K200's development. The K200 was supplemented by the K21 since 2009 in South Korea. a total of 2,383 K200 vehicles of all configurations were produced between 1985 and 2006, among which 111 K200A1 vehicles had been exported to Malaysia.

Class Vehicle
Type Infantry Combat Vehicle
Manufacturer Daewoo
Origin South Korea
Country Name Origin Year
South Korea 1986
Country Name Operational Year Retirement Year
South Korea 1986 View
ManufacturerName Production From Production To Quantity
Daewoo 1985 2383 View

The K200 project began in 1981 when the Republic of Korea Army issued a request for a new Korean Infantry Fighting Vehicle (KIFV) to meet future combat requirements. The Agency for Defense Development was in charge of its development, and Daewoo Heavy Industries (now part of Doosan Group) was the prime contractor for the production of this vehicle. The K200 was designed to be an amphibious personnel carrier that could cross shallow rivers, based on the chassis of the American Armored Infantry Fighting Vehicle. The AIFV itself was based on the M113 armored personnel carrier. The vehicle was developed to be more affordable than the AIFV, but not necessarily sacrificing capability, to gain an edge in cost-effectiveness. The eventual domestic development and production of the K200 achieved a price range of $1.32 million to $1.41 million as opposed to the $1.52 million to $2.83 million price range that a license-production or direct importation of the AIFV would have entailed.

Doosan incorporated the MAN D2848T engine into the K200 under a license-production deal and assimilated its technology using domestic components, a reverse-engineering experience that would prove instrumental in the development of its next IFV, the K21. S&T Dynamics was the licensee subcontractor for the Allison Transmission X200-5K gearbox. The vehicle entered production in 1985. Serial production was completed in 2006.

Type Infantry fighting vehicle
Place of origin South Korea
Service history
In service 1986 - present
Production history
Designer Agency for Defense Development
Manufacturer Daewoo Heavy Industries (now part ofDoosan Group)
Unit cost $1.41 million (domestic)
$1.32 million (export)
Produced 1985 - Present
Number built 2383
Weight 13.2 tons
Length 5.49 m
Width 2.85 m
Height 2.52 m
Crew 3 + 9 passengers
1 x 12.7mm machine gun
1 x 7.62mm machine gun
Engine MAN-Doosan D2848T 350 hp (261 kw) at 2,300 rpm
Power/weight 26.5 hp/ton
Transmission Allison Transmission X200-5K
Suspension torsion bar
480 km
Speed 70 km/h
6 km/h on water

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