Petit Vehicule Protege

The Petit Véhicule Protégé ("Small Protected vehicle") is a light, general-purpose armoured 4-wheel drive vehicle used by the French Army, made by Panhard. It is also designated as Auverland A4 AVL (Armoured Vehicle Light). Built by Auverland, it is the successor to the Peugeot P4. It is intended mostly as personnel carrier, weapon carrier, and for reconnaissance, detection and communications purposes.

In 2004, the first batch of 314 vehicles was ordered. The first vehicles were delivered in February 2008 and production ended in July 2012. 100 vehicles will be fitted with the WASP light RWS. It is expected that the French DGA will order an additional 300 PVP vehicles. The 2009-14 military budget originally called for a total of 1500 PVPs, but this was reduced to 1233 in 2010 and 1133 in 2012. In the end 1073 were delivered to the Army at a total cost of €242.7m (~US$325m) for a unit cost of €167,000 (~US$220,000), or €226,000 (~US$300,000) including development costs.

Country Name Origin Year
France 2008
Country Name Operational Year Retirement Year
France View

Type Light armoured vehicle
Place of origin  France
Service history
Used by See Operators
Production history
Manufacturer Panhard
Unit cost €167,000 (FY 2012)
Produced 2008–2012
Number built 1133
Variants See Variants
Weight 4,390 kg
Length 4,599 mm
Width 2,277 mm
Height 2,170 mm
Crew 2 to 4
Armour 6 to 10 mm
Medium machine gun
Engine IVECO 8140 2.8litre turbo-diesel
160 hp ( kW)
Power/weight 34 hp/tonne
Suspension Wheeled 4 x 4
800 km
Speed 120 km/h

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