Type 89

The Norinco Type 89 tracked armoured fighting vehicle is a Chinese armoured personnel carrier. It was developed from the earlier export market Type 85 AFV vehicle. It entered service in the late 1990s and was first shown publicly in 1999. There are approximately 1,000 in service. It has the industrial index of WZ534 and although it was mainly developed for the PLA, there is also an export version YW534.

In the 1990s a new designator system was introduced in the PLA and the Type 89 APC is nowadays known as ZSD-89.


  • Type 89 Tracked Armoured Personnel Carrier or Type WZ534 – Basic version, as described. Military designator: ZSD-89.
  • Type 89 Infantry Fighting Vehicle or Type YW307 – Fitted with a one-man turret with 25 mm automatic gun (400 rounds) and 7.62 mm coaxial machine gun (1,000 rounds). Crew: 3+7. Military designator: ZSD-89-II.
  • Type 89 Armoured Command Vehicle – Fitted with a higher roofline and with a longer chassis with 6 double road wheels either side. Armament consists of a 12.7 mm HMG on the commander's station behind the driver.
  • Type 89 Tracked Armoured Ambulance or Type WZ752 – Unarmed ambulance with a higher roofline and with a longer chassis with 6 double road wheels either side.
  • Type 89 Refuelling Vehicle – Transport vehicle for fuel and lubricants, fitted with a higher troop compartment. Offered for export as the Amphibious Armoured Refuelling Vehicle.
  • Type 89 Recovery Vehicle – Maintenance and recovery variant, fitted with a light crane on the left side of the hull roof, and a machine gun cupola in the roof center. Military designator: ZJX-93.
  • Type 89 Supply Vehicle – Similar to the recovery variant and also equipped with a light crane, but the commander's cupola with HMG is located behind the driver's position. Military designator: ZHB-94.
  • Type 89 Reconnaissance Vehicle or Type WZ731 – Variant for artillery forward observers, equipped with an unarmed turret with observation devices. Military designator: ZZC-01.
  • Type 89 Recce Radar Carrier – Equipped with a battlefield surveillance radar on a telescopic arm. Military designator: ZZC-02.
  • Type 89 Tank Destroyer (missile) – ATGM carrier vehicle with double launch system for wire-guided HJ-8 missiles. A total of 12 missiles is carried on board. Military designator: ZDF-1.
  • Type 89 Mine-Laying Vehicle – Has a modified rear hull that mounts a scatterable mine system, consisting of 6 launchers. Each launcher has 36 tubes of 122 mm with each tube containing 5 SATM mines, 15 SAPM mines, 45 SAPEM mines or a mix of SAPM and SAPEM mines.
  • Type 89 Obstacle-Removing Vehicle – Crowd-control variant for the PAP, equipped with an obstacle clearing blade.
  • Type 90 AFV or Type YW535

Type 89
Class Vehicle
Type Armoured Fighting Vehicle
Manufacturer Norinco
Origin China
Country Name Origin Year
China 1988
Country Name Operational Year Retirement Year
Ceylon (Sri Lanka) View
China View
Ethiopia View
Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) View
ManufacturerName Production From Production To Quantity
Norinco 1990 View
DesignationsType 89 (YW534, ZSD-89)
Manufacturer(s)China North Industries Corp. (NORINCO)
StatusDeployed by China
Production Periodn/aProduction Quantityn/a
TypeAPCCrew2 + 13
Length, overall6.2mLength, hull6.2m
Width, overall3.1mHeight, overall2.6m
Combat Weight14,300kgUnloaded Weightn/a
Radio, externalType 889Communication, crewType 803 intercom
Main Armament12.7mm Type 54 MGAmmunition Carried1120x12.7mm
Gun Traversen/aElevation/Depressionn/a
Traverse RatemanualElevation Ratemanual
Gun StabilizationnoneRangefindernone
Night VisionyesAuto-Loaderyes
Secondary Armamentsmall armsAmmunition Carried-

EngineDeutz BF8L413F air-cooled dieselTransmissionmanual 4F/1R
Horsepower320hp at 2500rpmSuspensiontorsion bar
Power/Weight Ratio22hp/tTrack Width36.0cm
Speed, on road66km/h (2)Track Ground Contact342.5cm
Fuel Capacityn/aGround Pressure0.59kg/cm2
Range, on road500kmGradient60%
Fuel Consumptionn/aVertical Obstacle0.7m
Turning Radiusn/aTrench Crossing2.5m
Ground Clearance0.48mFordingamphibious
Smoke Laying2x4 smoke grenade launchersNBC Protectionyes
Armor DetailsThe armor offers protection against small arms fire and shell splinters.
(1) Firing ports (two on the left side, three or four on the right side) allow troops being transported in the vehicle to fire their small arms.
(2) Maximum speed of 6km/h on water.

End notes