Type 73 APC

The Type 73 Armored Personnel Carrier is an armored personnel carrier that entered service with Japan Ground Self-Defense Force in 1973.

Type 73 APC
Class Vehicle
Type Armoured Fighting Vehicle
Manufacturer Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
Origin Japan
Country Name Origin Year
Japan 1972
Country Name Operational Year Retirement Year
Japan 1973 View
ManufacturerName Production From Production To Quantity
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries 1973 338 View

The Japanese Defense Agency's Technical Research and Development Institution issued a requirement for a new APC to replace the Type 60 APC in 1967. Among the requirements included a maximum speed of over 60 km/h, ability to carry 12 men including the crew, to be fully amphibious, have all-welded aluminium armor, provision for the infantry to use their small arms from inside the vehicle and be armed with a 20 mm cannon, a 12.7 mm machine gun and a 7.62 mm machine gun. An automotive test rig, called the SUT, was built in 1968. Komatsu and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries each built two prototypes the following year, one each in steel and aluminium. Mitsubishi's aluminium model was chosen for use in December 1973.

DesignationsType 73 Armored Personnel Carrier
Manufacturer(s)Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
StatusProduction completed. In service with Japan
Production Period1972-?Production Quantity200+
TypeAPC (T)Crew3 + 9
Length, overall5.8mLength, hull5.8m
Width, overall2.8mHeight, overall2.2m
Combat Weight13300kgUnloaded Weightn/a
Radio, externaln/aCommunication, crewn/a
Main Armament12.7mm M2 MGAmmunition Carriedn/a
Gun Traverse360Elevation/Depressionn/a
Traverse RatemanualElevation Ratemanual
Gun StabilizationnoneRangefindern/a
Night Visionn/aAuto-Loaderyes
Secondary Armament7.62mm MG (bow)Ammunition Carried
  • n
  • a

    EngineMitsubishi 4ZF air-cooled 2-stroke V4 dieselTransmissionn/a
    Horsepower300hp at 2200rpmSuspensiontorsion bar
    Power/Weight Ratio22.6hp/tTrack Widthn/a
    Speed, on road70km/h (1)Track Ground Contactn/a
    Fuel Capacity450 lGround Pressuren/a
    Range, on road300kmGradient60%
    Fuel Consumptionn/aVertical Obstacle0.7m
    Turning Radius7mTrench Crossing2m
    Ground Clearance0.4mFordingamphibious
    Smoke Laying2 x 3 smoke grenade dischargersNBC Protectionn/a
    Armor Detailsn/a
    (1) Maximum speed on water 7km/h.

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