Type 4 Chi-To

The Type 4 Chi-To was a thirty-ton, all-welded medium tank with a maximum armor thickness of about 75 millimetres (3.0 in) on the frontal plates. The tank was 6.73 m (22.1 ft) long, 2.87 m (9 ft 5 in) high, and 2.87 m (9 ft 5 in) wide. The Type 4 had a crew of five men. The tracks were supported by seven road wheels. It was powered by a 300 kW (400 hp) engine, which was significantly more powerful than the 180 kW (240 hp) engine of the 19-ton Type 3 Chi-Nu tank. This gave it a top speed of 45 km/h (28 mph). The main armament consisted of a long-barreled Type 5 75 mm Tank Gun which was a variant of the Japanese Type 4 75 mm AA Gun. The gun was mounted in a large, hexagonal turret. A single 7.7 mm machine gun was mounted in the hull.

Country Name Origin Year
Japan 1944
Country Name Operational Year Retirement Year
Japan View

Development of the Type 4 Chi-To began in 1943, as an intended successor to the Type 97-kai Shinhoto. The new tank was similar in appearance to the Type 97, but was significantly larger. The first prototype was delivered in 1944; the Type 4 was the most advanced Japanese tank to reach production. Production was hampered by material shortages, and by the bombing of Japan in World War II; and plans of mass-production by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries at a rate of 25 units per month at two different sites could not be realized. By 1945, only six chassis had been produced, from which only two Type 4 Chi-To tanks were completed prior to the end of the war.

By this point in the war, Japan no longer had the resources that would allow for the shipment of heavy vehicles overseas. The Type 4 Chi-To, along with the Type 3 Chi-Nu were earmarked for the final defenses of the Japanese home islands against the expected Allied invasion. However, the war came to an end before more units could be completed and neither of the two completed units were used in combat.

Other DesignationsType 4 Chi-To
Production Quantity6Production Period1944
TypeMedium TankCrew5
Length /hull (m)6.34Barrel Overhang (m)n.a.
Width /with skirts (m)2.86Height (m)2.86
Combat Weight (kg)30000Radio Equipmentn.a.
Primary Armament75mm Gun Type 2Ammunition Carried55
Traverse (degrees)(360°)Elevation (degrees)n.a.
Traverse speed (360°)n.a.Sightn.a.
Secondary Armament2 x  7.7mm Type 97 MGAmmunition Carried4035

Engine Make & ModelType 4No. of Links/Trackn.a.
Type & DisplacementV12Track Widthn.a.
Horsepower400hp@1800rpmTrack Ground Contactn.a.
Power/Weight Ratio13.3 hp/tGround Pressuren.a.
Gearboxn.a.Ground Clearance (m)0.42
FuelDieselTurning Radius (m)n.a.
Range on/off road (km)250Gradient (degrees)35°
Mileage (liters/100km)n.a.Vertical Obstacle (m)n.a.
Fuel Capacity (liters)n.a.Fording (m)1.20
Speed on/off road45 km/hTrench Crossing (m)2.70
Armor (mm@degrees)FrontSideRearTop/Bottom
Hull12mm to 75mm

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