The AGS-30 is a Russian-designed automatic grenade launcher currently in production in the Russian Federation and in service with the Russian armed forces.

Designed on the basis of AGS-17, the AGS-30 provides better mobility, longer range and better accuracy during firing. Significantly lighter than its previous version but far more advanced and powerful, the AGS-30 weighs 30 kg loaded, meaning it can be carried by one person. Using a specially designed GPD-30 grenade, recently[when?] put into serial production, the AGS-30 can engage targets at over 2000m. Recoil is lessened with a much smoother grenade ejection mechanism. An adjustable SAG-30 tripod mount (GRAU index 6P17) is also included.

Class Manportable
Type Rocket Launcher
Manufacturer V.A.Degtyarev Plant
Origin Russia (USSR)
Country Name Origin Year
Russia (USSR) 1995
Country Name Operational Year Retirement Year
Russia (USSR) 1995 View
ManufacturerName Production From Production To Quantity
V.A.Degtyarev Plant 500 View

After the dissolution of the USSR, Russia found itself in a difficult position in the First Chechen war. After the success of the AGS-17 in Afghanistan, the KBP Instrument Design Bureau immediately began work on the new grenade launcher. The Russian army needed a weapon that could easily flush militants out of their fortified building hideouts, levelling them in seconds. The new design proved to be reliable and lethal. Another improvement to the weapon is its ability to stay undetectable by the enemy - reduced sound when firing, reduced flash and the lightning speed of the grenade make the AGS-30 very hard to detect. It can be operated from almost everywhere - from attaching it to a window, to mud and grassy surfaces. Officially adopted in 2002. Adopted by the Russian Interior Ministry Troops.

Type Automatic grenade launcher
Place of origin Russia
Service history
In service 1995-Present
Used by Azerbaijan
Wars Second Chechen War
2008 South Ossetia war
Donbass War
Production history
Designer KBP Instrument Design Bureau
Designed 1990
Manufacturer ZID
Number built 500+
Variants AG-30M vehicle-mounted version
Weight 16 kg unloaded
Length 1165 mm
Cartridge 30 x 29 grenade
Caliber 30 mm
Action Blowback
Rate of fire 400 round/min
Muzzle velocity 185 m/s
Effective firing range 2100 m
Feed system 30 grenades belt
Sights Adjustable telescopic sight, day-night sight, mechanical sight, portable radar

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