Armsel Striker

The Armsel Striker (Also known as Striker-12, Protecta, Protecta Bulldog and Street Sweeper) is a revolver 12-gauge shotgun created for the purpose of riot control and combat.

Armsel Striker
Class Manportable
Type Handguns
Manufacturer Armsel
Origin South Africa
Country Name Origin Year
South Africa 1980
ManufacturerName Production From Production To Quantity
Armsel View
It was created in Rhodesia by Hilton Walker in the early 1980s. After Rhodesia was transformed, Walker moved to South Africa, bringing with him the design for the Striker shotgun. His shotgun became a success, and found its way to all parts of the world. Even though it was successful, the shotgun still had its flaws. The rotary cylinder-type magazine was bulky, had a slow reload time, and the basic action was not without certain flaws.The first designs were criticized as having a slow and cumbersome firing mechanism. The most advanced design has a pump-action style lever used to clear the chamber as other pump-action shotguns do. The Striker is seen as somewhat unique for a shotgun because of its twelve round capacity and short overall length. The significant width of the drum magazine serves to limit its concealability while its short length makes the gun favorable for close quarters. Its shot ammunition, as opposed to a solid bullet, also limits travel through walls and doorways.
Weight - 4.2 kg (empty),4.4 kg (loaded)
Length - 792 mm508 mm (stock folded)with 12 in barrel:800 mm600 mm (stock folded)
Barrellength - 305 mm 12 in,356 mm (14 in)
Cartridge - 12 gauge
Feedsystem - 12-round revolving magazine

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