Askoriya AMR

The Askoriya AMR is a bullpup, anti-materiel rifle concept from the Ukrainian SSR (now Ukraine) developed in the early 1990s by the now-defunct company KB-ST. It used the cartridge from Hotchkiss heavy machine-gun[1] and the same flechette rounds as in the AO-27.

Country Name Origin Year
Ukraine 1990
Country Name Operational Year Retirement Year
Ukraine View

Type Bullpup flechette anti-materiel rifle
Place of origin  Ukrainian SSR (now  Ukraine)
Production history
Manufacturer KB-ST
Weight 7kg
Length 1165mm
Cartridge 13.2×96mm
Caliber 13.2mm (3 mm flechette)
Action Gas-operated
Muzzle velocity 1500m/s
Effective firing range 1500m
Feed system 5/7/9/11 round detachable box magazines

End notes