Campo Giro

The Campo-Giro was a semi-automatic pistol, chambered for the 9mm Largo cartridge, which saw service in the Spanish military. It is named for its designer, Colonel Don Venancio López de Ceballos y Aguirre, Count of Campo-Giro.

Country Name Origin Year
Spain 1912
Country Name Operational Year Retirement Year
Morocco 1920 1926 View

Campo-Giro obtained his first patent in 1904 for Una pistola automática de calibre 9mm. de nuevo sistema ("An automatic pistol of 9mm calibre of a new system"). He followed this in 1911 with a patent for a self-loading carbine. In 1912 he obtained a registered design for his pistol. In November that year lodged another patent for Una pistola sistema Campo-Giro con amortiguador del choque en el retroceso, para los calibres 11,25, 9mm largo, 9mm corto y 7,65mm ("A Campo-Giro system pistol with a shock-absorber for recoil in calibre 11.25, 9mm largo, 9mm Kurz and 7.65mm").

The pistol was adopted for the Spanish army in 1912 as the Pistola Campo-Giro de 9mm Modelo 1912. The previously issued Bergmann–Bayard pistol which was found unsuitable for military use during the early Moroccan campaigns was however still retained by those troops who had been issued with it, the 9mm Largo cartridge having been judged a success. Early examples were manufactured by the Oviedo armoury. The design proved both modern and sound and the pistol saw widespread use during extended trials.

Type Pistol
Place of origin Spain
Service history
In service 1912–1921
Used by Spain
Wars Rif Wars
Production history
Designed 1904
Produced 1912–1919
Number built Modelo 1913 - 1,300; Modelo 1913-1916 - 13,625
Cartridge 9 mm Largo
Caliber 9mm
Action delayed blowback
Feed system 8-round magazine

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