The Fort-12 (Ukrainian: Форт-12) is a semi-automatic pistol which was designed in the late 1990s by Ukrainian firearms designer RPC Fort.

Class Manportable
Type Handguns
Manufacturer RPC Fort
Origin Ukraine
Country Name Origin Year
Ukraine 1998
Country Name Operational Year Retirement Year
Ukraine 1998 View
ManufacturerName Production From Production To Quantity
RPC Fort 1998 View

Type Semi-automatic pistol
Place of origin  Ukraine
Service history
In service 1998–present
Used by Kyiv city police patrolsmilitsiya
Production history
Designer Petro Zayets
Designed 1995 – June 1998
Manufacturer RPC Fort
Produced 1998–present
Weight 830 g (empty)
950 g (loaded)
Length 180 mm
Barrel length 95 mm
Width 32 mm
Height 131 mm
Cartridge 9×18mm Makarov
Action Double Action, semiautomatic
Rate of fire 40 rounds per minute
Muzzle velocity 320 m/s
Effective firing range 25 m (9×18mm Makarov)
Feed system 12 (13), 24 round boxmagazine

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