M79 Osa

The M79 Osa ('wasp' in English) is a Yugoslav-made portable 90 mm anti-tank weapon made of fibre-reinforced plastics. It resembles the French portable anti-tank launcher 89 mm LRAC F1. It consists of the launcher, a CN-6 sighting piece, rocket and carrying case for the rocket. The M79 shoots unguided projectiles in direct sight and is effective against armoured fighting vehicles and fortifications.

M79 Osa
Class Manportable
Type Rocket Launcher
Manufacturer Sloboda Cacak
Origin Yugoslavia (Serbia)
Country Name Origin Year
Yugoslavia (Serbia) 1979
Country Name Operational Year Retirement Year
Bosnia-Herzegovina View
Croatia View
Macedonia View
Montenegro View
Slovenia View
Yugoslavia (Serbia) View
ManufacturerName Production From Production To Quantity
Sloboda Cacak 1979 View

The M79 Osa was designed and manufactured by Sloboda Cacak in the former Yugoslavia. It has continued production in Serbia, the Republic of Macedonia, and in Croatia as the RL90 M95.

A large number of the M79 OSA has been supplied to the rebels in Syria which has been proven effective in deterring the regime's armor. Many have mistaken the M79 supplied to the rebels in Syria for the Russian RPG-29 rocket launcher, which is also seeing use. M79 Osa is used in Iraq by Islamic State against Iraqi army and as JANES reported is used against US-made M1 Abrams tanks.

Type Anti-tank rocket launcher
Place of origin  Yugoslavia
Service history
Used by See Operators
Wars Yugoslav Wars
Syrian Civil War
Production history
Designer Military Technical Institute Belgrade
Designed 1979
Manufacturer Sloboda Cacak
Weight 11.2 kg (loaded)
6.2 kg (launcher)
3.5 kg (rocket)
Length 1.91 m (launcher loaded)
0.67 m (rocket)
Crew 2
Caliber 90 mm
Rate of fire 6 rounds per minute
Muzzle velocity 250 m/s
Effective firing range 350 m (AFVs)
Maximum firing range 1,960 m
Sights CN-6 (3.5x optical sight)

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