M90 Rocket Launcher

The RBR-120 mm M90 (nicknamed "Стршљен" or "Strsljen", meaning "Hornet") is a light-weight, single-use, unguided anti-tank rocket launcher. The launcher is produced by Eurokompozit of Prilep, Macedonia, while the anti-tank rocket is produced by Sloboda Čačak, Serbia. It is intended for use against tanks and other armored vehicles in addition to fortifications and infantry.

On impact a piezoelectric impact fuse in the rocket triggers the shaped charge warhead, which can penetrate an equivalent of over 800 millimeters of RHA.

M90 Rocket Launcher
Class Manportable
Type Rocket Launcher
Manufacturer Sloboda Cacak
Origin Macedonia
Country Name Origin Year
Macedonia 2002
Yugoslavia (Serbia) 2002
Country Name Operational Year Retirement Year
Iraq View
Macedonia 2002 View
Yugoslavia (Serbia) 2002 View
ManufacturerName Production From Production To Quantity
Sloboda Cacak 2002 1010 View

Type Anti-tank rocket launcher
Place of origin Macedonia, Serbia
Service history
In service 2002-present
Used by Republic of Macedonia,Serbia, Iraq
Production history
Manufacturer Sloboda Cacak
Produced 2002-present
Number built 1010+
Weight 13.00 kg(loaded)
5.70 kg (launcher)
7.30 kg (rocket)
Length 1350 mm (launcher loaded, sealed), 1300mm (launcher, in firing position)
Crew 1
Caliber 120 mm
Muzzle velocity 205 m/s
Effective firing range 250m
Maximum firing range 1960m

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