Norinco CQ

The CQ is a variant of the AR-15 rifle manufactured by the Chinese arms company, Norinco. According to the Norinco website, the rifle is officially known as CQ 5.56.

Norinco CQ
Class Manportable
Type Rifles
Manufacturer Norinco
Origin China
Country Name Origin Year
China 1980
Country Name Operational Year Retirement Year
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China View
Iran (Persia) View
Libya View
Malaysia View
Paraguay View
Syria View
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ManufacturerName Production From Production To Quantity
Norinco View

The CQ was first introduced in the early 1980s. This weapon is chambered for 5.56×45mm NATO cartridges and never entered service with the People's Liberation Army and appears to be intended for sale as an export. Two variants of the CQ rifle are made: the CQ 5.56, also known as the CQ-311 or CQ M-311, the select-fire variant for Military/LE sales; and the CQ M311-1, the semiautomatic version for the civilian market. Later, a carbine variant has been introduced, called the CQ 5.56mm Type A. Like Chinese copies of the US M14 rifle the CQ never saw much Military use. However semi-auto sporter copies have been successful in the civilian market.

As a military rifle, however, the Type CQ was unsuccessful. It was never adopted by the Chinese military or even unofficially distributed within Chinese troops. Other military uses of the Type CQ assault rifle have been reported within guerrilla and insurgent movements in the South-East Asian area. Iran has bought a few shipments of M-311 rifles for certain elite units in the Iranian Military.

Type Assault Rifle
Place of origin  China
Service history

Wars Soviet War in Afghanistan,Syrian civil war
Production history
Designer Norinco
Manufacturer Norinco
Produced 1980s–Present
Variants CQ M311 (Select-fire assault rifle);
CQ M311-1 (Semi-automatic sporter rifle);
CQ 5.56mm Type A (Select-fire carbine);
DIO S-5.56 (License-manufactured Iranian model);
MIC "Terab" (Clone manufactured in Sudan, license status unknown at this time);
S.A.M. "Armada" and "Trailblazer" (Clones manufactured in the Philippines).
Weight 2.9 kg (Empty)
Length 987 mm
Barrel length 504 mm
Cartridge 5.56×45 mm NATO (only non-NATO standard 55-grain M193 "Ball" cartridge), .223 Remington (Semi-automatic sporter model)
Caliber 5.56 mm
Action Gas operated, rotating bolt
Rate of fire 900 RPM (Select-fire version only)
Muzzle velocity 990 m/s
Maximum firing range 460 m
Feed system 20/30-round detachable box magazine (STANAG 4179)
Sights Iron sights

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