Pistol Mitraliera model 1963/1965

The Pistol Mitralieră model 1963 (abbreviated PM md. 63 or simply md. 63) is an assault rifle patterned after the AKM, and chambered in the 7.62×39mm cartridge. It is exported as the AIM.

The Pistol Mitralieră model 1965 (abbreviated PM md. 65 or simply md. 65) is the underfolding stock version of the md. 63, and is exported as the AIMS.

Pistol Mitraliera model 1963/1965
Class Manportable
Type Rifles
Manufacturer ROMARM
Production Period 1963 - 1994
Origin Romania
Country Name Origin Year
Romania 1963
Country Name Operational Year Retirement Year
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Angola View
Bangladesh View
Georgia View
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Romania 1963 View
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ManufacturerName Production From Production To Quantity
ROMARM 1963 1994 View

In the early 1960s, the Romanian Army used mostly PPSh-41, Orita submachine guns and imported AK-47 rifles. With the development of the stamped Type 4 AKM receiver, and the Soviet Union's call to each of the Warsaw Pact's nations to produce their own assault rifles chambered in 7.62mm, be they AK-47 pattern or not, the Romanian State Arsenal developed an AKM clone featuring a forward-pointing front handgrip molded into the lower handguard, called the Pistol Mitraliera model 1963 (literally 'machine pistol' model 1963). The underfolding stock version is designated the Pistol Mitraliera model 1965, and features a rear-pointing front handgrip, allowing the underfolding stock to be completely retracted.

Type Assault rifle
Place of origin Romania
Service history
In service 1963-present

Wars The Troubles
Iran-Iraq War
1989 Romanian Revolution
Gulf War
Bosnian War
Liberian Civil Wars
Iraqi War
Production history
Designer Romtechnica
Designed 1960s
Manufacturer ROMARM via Regia Autonoma pentru productia de Tehnica Militara (RATMIL), Cugir
Produced 1963-1994
Variants PM md. 65, PM md. 90
Weight (without magazine) 3.45 kg (7.61 lb) (md. 63)
3.2 kg (7.1 lb) (md. 65)
Length 870 mm (34.3 in) (md. 63)
870 mm (34.3 in) stock extended / 640 mm (25.2 in) stock folded (md. 65)
Barrel length 415 mm (16.3 in)
Cartridge 7.62×39 mm
Action Gas-operated reloading
Rate of fire 600 rounds/min
Muzzle velocity 715 m/s (2,346 ft/s)
Effective firing range 100 to 1,000 m sight adjustments
Feed system 30-round detachable box magazine
Sights Rear sight notch on sliding tangent, front post, 378 mm (14.9 in) sight radius

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