Reibel machine gun

The Reibel machine gun was a machine gun used on French tanks of the World War II era and in fortifications such as the Maginot line. It used the 7.5 mm MAS cartridge and was loaded with 150-round drum magazines. The variant used in fortifications was specifically modified with a different rifling to accommodate the balle D heavy ball type of ammunition.

Reibel machine gun
Class Manportable
Type Machine Guns
Manufacturer Manufacture d'armes de Châtellerault
Origin France
Country Name Origin Year
France 1931
Country Name Operational Year Retirement Year
Algeria 1954 1962 View
Vietnam 1946 1954 View
ManufacturerName Production From Production To Quantity
Manufacture d'armes de Châtellerault View
Type Machine gun
Place of origin France
Service history
Used by Bulgaria, Republic of China, France, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Lebanon, Poland, Romania, Switzerland, Syria, Turkey, Yugoslavia
Wars World War II

First Indochina War

Algerian War
Production history
Designed 1931
Manufacturer Manufacture d'armes de Ch√Ętellerault
Weight 11.8 kg
Length 1030 mm
Barrel length 600 mm
Cartridge 7.5x54 French
Caliber 7.5 mm
Action Gas
Rate of fire 750 rounds per minute (theoretical); 450rpm for one minute or 150rpm sustained (practical)
Muzzle velocity 830 m/s (with balle C)
Feed system 150 rounds
Sights Iron (single guns)

Telescopic (fortification mounts)

End notes