The SM-9 is a machine pistol of Guatemalan origin and manufactured by Cellini-Dunn. It is blowback operated, firing from an open bolt fed from 36-round magazines inserted into a pistol grip The layout of the receiver is somewhat simpler than that of a Sten with its internal components light in weight enabling a very high rate of fire. Its removable forward pistol grip not only holds spare magazines but can be rotated 45 and 90 degrees for left/right handed operators as well as handling the weapon when firing.

Country Name Origin Year
Guatemala 1985

The SM-9 is a submachine gun which can fire in semi or full automatic. The SM-9 is provided with a front sear, a front trigger and a rear sear/trigger in a construction which allows the operator to instantly change between the semi and full automatic mode without a selector switch, even when firing. Other features include capability for ambidextrous operation, the use of two magazines each located in a foregrip and an improved muzzle brake configuration. In addition, an improved ejector and magazine catch assembly are provided. The SM-9 uses fewer moving parts so as to require no pins or screws for the trigger, sear, bolt guide or bolt stop.

Type Machine pistol
Place of origin Guatemala
Service history
Production history
Designer V. Cellini
Manufacturer Cellini-Dunn IMG

Military Research Corp

Wildfire Munitions
Produced 1985-1986
Variants SM-9

SM-90 Phantom
Weight 2.3kg
Cartridge 9×19mm Parabellum
Caliber 9mm
Action Blowback-operated
Rate of fire 1200rpm
Muzzle velocity 1280 fps (390 mps)
Feed system 36-round detatchable box magazine
Sights Iron sights

End notes