Soltam M-66

M-66 is a 160 mm mortar manufactured by Soltam of Israel. The weapon was based on an earlier design of the 160mm M-58 mortar by Vammas of Finland. It can fire a 38 kg (84 lb) HE bomb out to a maximum range of 9,600 m and requires a crew of 6-8 to operate.

In addition to the towed variant, the M-66 was mounted on Sherman tank chassis, resulting in the Makmat 160 mm.

Country Name Origin Year
Israel 1968
Country Name Operational Year Retirement Year
Ecuador View
Honduras View
India View
Israel View
Singapore View

Type Mortar
Place of origin Israel
Service history
Used by See operators
Production history
Designer Vammas
Manufacturer Soltam
Weight 225–341 kg (496–752 lb)
Crew 6-8
Caliber 160 mm (6.29 in)
Elevation +30°/+80°
Traverse -20°/+20°
Effective firing range 9,600 m (10,498 yd)

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