Type 77 heavy machine gun

The Type 77 heavy machine gun is described as China’s first generation designed 12.7 mm heavy machine gun. The Type 85 is a “product improved” version. The weapon is both gas (three settings) and recoil operated. The ammunition belt is the standard DShK metal non-disintegrating link.

Type 77 heavy machine gun
Class Manportable
Type Machine Guns
Manufacturer Norinco
Origin China
Country Name Origin Year
China 1977
Country Name Operational Year Retirement Year
China View
Colombia View
ManufacturerName Production From Production To Quantity
Norinco 1977 View

Type Heavy machine gun
Place of origin  China
Service history
Used by China, Cambodia
Production history
Manufacturer Norinco
Produced 1977-
Weight 28 kg (61.73 lb) (gun only)
28.3 kg (62.39 lb) (tripod)
Length 2,150 mm (84.6 in)
Cartridge 12.7×108mm
Action gas
Rate of fire 650-700 rounds/min
Feed system belt 60 rounds
Sights Iron/Optical

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