W85 heavy machine gun

The W-85 heavy machine gun is a heavy machine gun designed in the People's Republic of China. It fires the Soviet-designed 12.7×108mm 50 calibre ammunition.

The W85 chambers and fires the 12.7×108mm round. It is a gas-operated, belt-fed, fully automatic weapon.

Country Name Origin Year
China 1900
Country Name Operational Year Retirement Year
Cambodia (Kampuchea) View
China View
Syria View

Type Heavy machine gun
Place of origin  China
Service history
Used by China, Cambodia, Syria,
Weight 18.5 kg (40.79 lb) (gun only)
17.5 kg (38.58 lb) (tripod)
Cartridge 12.7×108mm
Action gas
Rate of fire 550-600 rounds/min
Muzzle velocity 850 m/s (2,788 ft/s)
Feed system belt
Sights Iron/Optical

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