The KN-06 (Chosŏn'gŭl:번개-5호, Pon'gae-6) is a North Korean surface to air missile system.

Country Name Origin Year
North Korea 2011
Russia (USSR) 2011
Country Name Operational Year Retirement Year
North Korea View

Two systems, Pon'gae-5 and Pon'gae-6 have been associated with the KN-06 designation. The KN-06 as observed in military parades to have visual similarities with the S-300P and HQ-9 surface-to-air missile systems in terms of the design of the missile tubes and the engagement radar.

The firing unit for the missile system consist of a transporter erector launcher based on a 6 x 6, Taepaeksan-96 truck chassis (locally produced KAMAZ 55111) with two or three launch tubes. The engagement radar is observed to be mounted on the same truck chassis and consist of a phased array fire control radar similar to the 5N63 FLAP LID radar of early models of S-300P systems. One known test of the system was reported in 2011.

Type SAM , medium long range , TEL
Place of origin  North Korea  URS  Russia
Service history
Used by  North Korea ( , possibly Iran )
Production history
Manufacturer  North Korea
Length 6 m (5 - 10 m + -)
Diameter 0,5 media
Warhead HE (various types)
Warhead weight 50 100 Kg to 300 (around 1 Ton , more weight is the Wh less the range)
Propellant solid
60 - 150 Km (50 to over 300 Km)
Inertial , Radar , TVM , other ?

End notes