The Kh-59 Ovod (Russian: Х-59 Овод 'Gadfly'; AS-13 'Kingbolt') is a Russian TV-guided cruise missile with a two-stage solid-fuel propulsion system and 200 km range. The Kh-59M Ovod-M (AS-18 'Kazoo') is a variant with a bigger warhead and turbojet engine. It is primarily a land-attack missile but the Kh-59MK variant targets shipping.

Class Missile
Type Air to Surface
Manufacturer Tactical Missiles Corporation
Origin Russia (USSR)
Country Name Origin Year
Russia (USSR) 1991
Country Name Operational Year Retirement Year
Algeria View
China View
India View
Russia (USSR) 1991 View
ManufacturerName Production From Production To Quantity
Tactical Missiles Corporation View

The initial design was based on the Raduga Kh-58 (AS-11 'Kilter'), but it had to be abandoned because the missile speed was too high for visual target acquisition.

Raduga OKB developed the Kh-59 in the 1970s as a longer ranged version of the Kh-25 (AS-10 'Karen'), as a precision stand-off weapon for the Su-24M and late-model MiG-27's. The electro-optical sensors for this and other weapons such as the Kh-29 (AS-14 'Kedge') and KAB-500 Kr bombs were developed by S A Zverev NPO in Krasnogorsk.

It is believed that development of the Kh-59M started in the 1980s. Details of the Kh-59M were first revealed in the early 1990s.


  • Kh-59 (AS-13 'Kingbolt') - original version with dual solid-fuel rocket engines. First shown in 1991; exported as Kh-59 or Kh-59E.
  • Kh-59M (AS-18 'Kazoo') - adds turbojet engine and larger warhead. Range 115 km.
  • Kh-59ME - 200 km-range variant offered for export in 1999.
  • Kh-59MK - 285 km-range anti-shipping variant with turbofan engine and ARGS-59 active radar seeker.
  • Kh-59MK2 - Land attack variant of Kh-59MK (fire-and-forget).
  • Kh-59M2 - Kh-59M/Kh-59MK with new TV/IIR seekers, reported in 2004.
  • Kh-20 - possible name for nuclear-tipped variant carried by Su-27 family.
  • Kh-59L - laser-guided variant that was developed .
  • Kh-59T - TV guided instead laser guidance variant .
  • Kh-59MK2 Stealth Standoff (also Kh59M2 ?) AS-22 stealth standoff version of it , rocket or turbofan engine , shown in MAKS 2015 . Light compact tactical stealth ALCM with a range of 290km (for export) and 550km (for internal) versions. Rumors have tould us that India will get "special" export version with a range extended up to 350km .

Although the original Kh-59 could be carried by the MiG-27, Su-17M3, Su-22M4, Su-24M, Su-25 and Su-30 family if they carried an APK-9 datalink pod, it was only fielded on the Su-24M in Russian service.

Type air-to-surface missile
anti-shipping missile
Place of origin Soviet Union  Russia
Service history
In service 1991-current
Used by Russia,China,India,Algeria
Production history
Designer Raduga
Manufacturer Tactical Missiles Corporation
Weight 930 kg (2,050 lb)
Length 570 cm (220 in) 
Diameter 38.0 cm (15.0 in) 
Warhead Cluster or shaped-charge fragmentation
Warhead weight 320 kg (705 lb) 
Engine Kh-59 :two-stage rocket
Kh-59ME :rocket then turbofan
Wingspan 130 cm (51.2 in) 
Operational range Kh-59ME(export) :115 km (62 nmi)
Kh-59ME : 200 km (110 nmi)
Kh-59MK : 285 km (150 nmi)
Speed Mach 0.72-0.88
Guidance system inertial guidance (then TV guidance), millimeter wave active radar seeker (Kh-59MK, Kh-59MK2 land attack version)
Launch platform Kh-59ME :Su-30MK
Kh-59 : Su-24M, MiG-27, Su-17M3/22M4, HAL Tejas, Su-25 and Su-30

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