MAA-1B Piranha is a Brazilian 4th-generation air-to-air missile produced by Mectron under joint venture program with Airbus Defence and Space. The project is at final stage of development under qualification phase, with over 40 guided flights completed by April 2012. Production was expected to begin in 2013.

Class Missile
Type Air to Air
Manufacturer Mectron
Origin Brazil
Country Name Origin Year
Brazil 2013
Country Name Operational Year Retirement Year
Brazil View
ManufacturerName Production From Production To Quantity
Mectron 2013 View

The new missile will equip the Brazilian Air Force's F-5M, AMX A-1M and Super Tucano aircraft.

The missile is fitted with a dual-color seeker, featuring 70-degree look angle with 40 degrees per second track rate, and a 50% longer range, as well as maneuverability improvements achieved by changing the original missile's flight controls aerodynamics. The MAA-1B is capable of being appointed by the aircraft's radar or the HMD helmet.

Type Short-range air-to-air missile
Place of origin Brazil
Service history
Used by Brazilian Air Force
Brazilian Navy
Production history
Manufacturer Mectron
Unit cost $250-300k
Produced 2013- (scheduled)
Length 2.738 metres (107.8 in)
Detonation mechanism Laser proximity fuse
Engine Solid-fuel rocket
Wingspan 0.64 metres (25 in)
Operational range ~12 km
Guidance system Infrared homing
Launch platform Combat aircraft

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