NoDong 1

The NoDong 1 (also RoDong 1) is a single stage, mobile liquid propellant intermediate range ballistic missile (IRBM) developed by North Korea. It is an adaptation of the Soviet SS-1, more commonly known by its NATO reporting name Scud. It is believed North Korea obtained Scud-B designs from Egypt and possibly Scud-C designs from China, and reverse-engineered them into a larger, longer-distance weapon dubbed the NoDong. American reconnaissance satellites first detected this type in May 1990. The precise capabilities and specifications of the missile are unknownVariants called the NoDong 2, NoDong B and NoDong X were believed to have been developed but production was halted in 1996 or 1997, possibly because of a severe economic crisis in North Korea or to focus resources on the more advanced designs. The NoDong-1 remained a lucrative export, however. Libya and Syria are believed to possess NoDong 1 missiles. Variants of the NoDong 1 IRBM are believed to be the basis for the Iranian Shahab 3 and the Pakistani Ghauri missiles.

NoDong 1
Class Missile
Type Surface to Surface
Manufacturer Kanggye No.26 General Plant
Origin North Korea
Country Name Origin Year
North Korea 1993
Country Name Operational Year Retirement Year
Iran (Persia) View
Libya View
North Korea 1993 View
Pakistan View
Syria View
ManufacturerName Production From Production To Quantity
Kanggye No.26 General Plant 1988 View
General Information
Developed by North Korea
Deployed by Iran, North Korea, Libya, Pakistan, Syria
Development Year 1988
Deployment Year 1993
Platform modified MAZ 543 REL
Number manufactured 75-150 missiles(by end of 1999), 24-50 exported, 50-100 in inventry
Number deployed 200
Design The 4th Machine Industry Bureau
Manufacturer The underground facility at the No.26 General Plant, Kanggye

Dimensions and Performance
Length 16.0m
Body Diameter 1.32m
Wing/Fin span 2.58m
Launch Weight 16,250kg
Range 1,350km(payload: 1,200kg), 1,500km(payload: 700kg)
Accuracy 2,000-4,000m CEP

Propulsion 1-stage liquid fuel rocket motor
Engine 4xScud-engine (cluster), a thrust of about 50,000kgf, burn time: 95sec
Payload single warhead 700-1,200kg
Warhead conventional HE, chemical(nerve gas), biological, submunition(100 5kg bomblets) or nuclear(50kT)
Guidance Strap-Down to Inertial with GPS

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