SA-4 Ganef (2K11 Krug)

The SA-4 Ganef (NATO reporting name) or 2K11 Krug is a Soviet and now Russian long range, medium-to-high altitude surface-to-air missile (SAM) system. Development of the Krug ZRK-SD (2K11) air defense system started in 1957. It was first displayed during a parade in Moscow in May 1964. The early version of the Krug entered service in 1965. The first operational deployment version, the Krug-A, entered service in 1967, with extensively modified versions, the Krug-M in 1971 and the Krug-M1 in 1974, which were developed to rectify problems discovered during army service. The missiles are launched with the aid of four solid fuel rocket motors inside boosters attached to the outside of the massive missile. Once they have burned and the missile is aloft, it fires a liquid-fuelled ramjet sustainer engine. Missile guidance is via radio command with a terminal semi-active radar homing phase. Optical tracking is possible for the initial command guidance stage in a heavy ECM environment. The missiles are quite large and unlikely to hit small, maneuverable aircraft like fighter jets unless they are caught unaware.

SA-4 Ganef (2K11 Krug)
Class Missile
Type Surface to Air
Manufacturer Almaz-Antey
Origin Russia (USSR)
Country Name Origin Year
Russia (USSR) 1969
Country Name Operational Year Retirement Year
Armenia View
Bulgaria View
Hungary View
Poland View
Russia (USSR) View
Ukraine View
ManufacturerName Production From Production To Quantity
Almaz-Antey 1958 View
General Information
Developed by Russia
Deployed by Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Ukraine
Development Year 1958
Deployment Year 1969
Number deployed Unkown
Design OKB-8 GKAT bureau(The supersonic ramjet engine was developed by OKB-670 GKAT)
Manufacturer Antey Scientific Industrial Organization

Dimensions and Performance
Length 8.8m(3M8M), 8.8m(3M8M19, 8.3m(3M8M2)
Body Diameter 86cm
Wing/Fin span 2.73m
Launch Weight 2,500kg
Range 8,000-55,000m, 9,300-72,000m, 11,000-50,000m
Speed Mach 2.5
Altitude 300-27,000m, 300-27,000m, 100-24,000m

Propulsion Ramjet, solid propellant(4 boosters)
Warhead 135kg HE fragmentation effect
Guidance Beam-riding, semi-active radar homing

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