Vickers Vigilant

The Vickers Vigilant was a British 1960s era MCLOS wire guided anti-tank missile used by the British Army that was also licence-built in the USA for the US Marine Corps as Clevite.

Vickers Vigilant
Class Missile
Type Surface to Surface
Manufacturer Vickers-Armstrongs
Origin United Kingdom - UK (Great Britain)
Country Name Origin Year
United Kingdom - UK (Great Britain) 1956
Country Name Operational Year Retirement Year
Finland View
Kuwait View
Switzerland View
United Arab Emirates View
United States of America View
United States of America View
ManufacturerName Production From Production To Quantity
Vickers-Armstrongs View

Vigilant was a private development begun in 1956 by the Vickers-Armstrongs Guided Weapons Department at Brooklands, Surrey for the anti-tank role in the British Army, the name being formed from VIsually Guided Infantry Light ANti-Tank missile. Vigilant was wire-guided and optically tracked, like its successor Swingfire. As well as infantry use, it could be mounted on vehicles such as the Ferret armoured car and Land Rovers. Vigilant had a short service life: Swingfire started to replace Vigilant from 1966 onwards.

Type Wire-guided Anti-tank missile
Place of origin UK
Service history
In service 1960s
Used by United Kingdom, Finland, Kuwait,Dubai, Switzerland, United States of America
Wars none
Production history
Designed 1956
Manufacturer Vickers-Armstrong (Aircraft) Ltd
Weight 31 lb (14 kg)
Length 3.5 ft (1.07 m)
Diameter 0.12 m
Warhead HEAT, 6 kg
Engine I.C.I. dual-thrust solid fuel rocket
Wingspan 0.27 m
200 m to 1375 m
Flight ceiling n/a
Speed 348 mph (155.6 m/s)
MCLOS wire-guided
control surfaces
infantry or vehicle

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