StuG III Ausf. B

 (Sd.Kfz 142; June 1940-May 1941, 300 produced by Alkett) Widened tracks (380 mm). Two Rubber tires on each roadwheel were accordingly widened from 520x79mm to 520x95mm each. Both types of roadwheels were interchangeable. The troublesome 10-speed transmission was changed to a 6-speed one. The forwardmost return rollers were re-positioned further forward, reducing the vertical movements of the tracks before they were fed to the forward drive sprocket, and so reduced the chance of tracks being thrown. In the middle of production of the Ausf. B model, the original drive sprocket with eight round holes was changed to a new cast drive sprocket with six pie slice-shaped slots. This new drive wheel could take either 380 mm tracks or 400 mm wide tracks. 380mm tracks were not exclusive to new drive wheels. Vehicle number 90111 shows older drive wheel with wider 380mm tracks.

StuG III Ausf. B
Class Vehicle
Type Armoured Fighting Vehicle
Manufacturer Alkett
Production Period 1940 - 1941
Origin Germany
Country Name Origin Year
Germany 1940
Country Name Operational Year Retirement Year
Germany View
ManufacturerName Production From Production To Quantity
Alkett 1940 1941 320 View
Formal DesignationGepanzerter Selbstfahrlafette für Sturmgeschütz 7.5cm Kanone Ausf. B
(SdKfz 142)
Production Quantity320Production PeriodJune 1940 - May 1941
TypeAssault GunCrew4
Length /hull (m)5.40Barrel Overhang (m)0
Width (m)2.95Height (m)1.96
Combat Weight (kg)22000Radio EquipmentFuG15 or FuG16
Primary Armament75mm StuK. 37 L/24Ammunition Carried44
Traverse (degrees)Manual (12° L, 12° R)Elevation (degrees)-10° to +20°
Traverse speed (360°)-SightRblf32
Secondary Armament-Ammunition Carried-

Engine Make & ModelMaybach HL120TRMTrack Links93/track
Type & DisplacementV12, 11.8 litersTrack Width40 cm
Horsepower (max.)300hp@3000rpmTrack Ground Contact286 cm
Power/Weight Ratio13.6 hp/tonneGround Pressure13.5 psi
Gearbox6 forward, 1 reverseGround Clearance (m)0.375
FuelGasoline (Petrol)Turning Radius (m)5.85
Range on/off road (km)165/95Gradient (degrees)30°
Mileage (liters/100km)187 on/326 off roadVertical Obstacle (m)0.6
Fuel Capacity (liters)310Fording (m)0.8
Speed on/off road40/24 km/hTrench Crossing (m)2.45
Armor DetailFrontSideRearTop/Bottom

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