German Battleship Kaiser

The Kaiser class battleship is a class of five battleships built in Germany prior to World War I and which served in the German Imperial Navy during that war. They were the first German battleships to feature turbine engines and superfiring turrets. The Kaiser class battleships were broader in the beam and better laid out than their British contemporaries, meaning their guns had wider arcs of fire and could offer a full ten gun broadside without straining the ship. All five ships saw action during World War I and four were present during the Battle of Jutland. All five were scuttled at Scapa Flow on 21 June 1919.Kaiser class battleships: Kaiser; Friedrich der Grosse; Kaiserin; Prinzregent Luitpold; Konig Albert.

Country Name Origin Year
Germany 1912
Country Name Operational Year Retirement Year
Germany 1912 1919 View

Displacement: 24,724 tonnes (designed) 

27,000 tons (maximum)

Length: 172.4 m (566 ft)

Beam: 29.0 m (95 ft)

Draught: 9.1 m (30 ft)

Propulsion: 3 shafts 

3 steam turbines 

55,000 shp (41000 kW)

Speed: 21 knots (39 km/h)

Range: 7,900 nautical miles (14,600 km). at 12 knots (22 km/h)

Complement: 1,084

Armament: 10 x 30.5 cm (12.0 in) guns 

14 x 15 cm (5.9 in) guns 

8 x 8.8 cm (3.5 in) guns 

5 x 50 cm (19.7 in) torpedo tubes

Armour: Belt 350 mm 

turrets 300 nm 

Battery 170 mm 

Conning tower 350 mm

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